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Two different musicians, two different countries, but now together in the same versatile music duo. If you compare the background of both musicians, Silvia Plegniere and Kevin Romang, you will discover certain similarities.

German born Silvia Plegniere started to learn how to play keyboard at an age of 3 under her Dad
s watchful eye, where her musical talent soon flourished. Englishman Kevin Romang started playing at age 4 with his Mothers support as his piano teacher and his lifetime interest in music soon developed. He became the local church organist at 12 years of age and entertained for many years with his keyboard playing in various bands. At about the same time Kevin acquired his first guitar and straight away he found a passion for this instrument. 12-year-old Silvia amazed listeners with her performances at talent contests and different festivals with her vocals and keyboard playing. Since that time she has performed solo at many different festivals and has received nothing but acclaim wherever she has performed. Since his 20th birthday Kevin played in different Rock, Country, Dance and Blues Bands. He soon discovered his love of song writing.
In December 2007 the two met each other online on Youtube, when after posting music of their own and commenting on each others songs, they realised they had the same musical interests and ambition. What began with a collaboration on one original song and sharing music files via the Internet “just for fun”, soon turned into to a serious partnership producing original music for both the U.K and German market.
The original songs from ASTRAL PLANE start life in Kevin’s studio in England and then the internet provides the key for the collaboration. It is not just the data transfer of music files that depends on the internet, but also the growing popularity of the duo. Besides the studio work the duo will play live gigs in Germany and England where ASTRAL PLANE want to please the audience with their special brand of music. In November 2008 they released their first album “In all of my dreams”. Soon after in January 2009 a Maxi-CD was released “In allen meinen Träumen”, featuring 4 original songs with German lyrics. We can look forward to all that is to come in the future from the two international musicians that are ASTRAL PLANE.

Background music "I know that it's love" original song by DUO ASTRAL PLANE © 2013