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Dec 2013 and the new CD ALBUM 'I guess I'm movin' on' is NOW OUT! To purchase click HERE.

Music from Duo Astral Plane continues to be played on many Radio Stations worldwide and in September 2013 Rick Foster from 93.7 THE WAVE featured another original song from Kevin and Silvia on his Saturday Morning Show from the East coast USA.
In July 2013 Silvia and Kevin were interviewed by Helmut Hector and his assistant Alex Ha on
 RADIO STRAHLENSCHEIN  / RADIO RSN during the evening Show. 


In July 2013, after a trip to Berlin, Duo Astral Plane appeared  on Volksmusik TV with Jimmy Arconada in Saarbrücken. They also made number 1 in the ACM Country Charts this month. The Show was hosted by Bernd Schmeyer. A song was also featured this month on RADIO 700 in the SUPER 20 HITPARADE. 

 In June 2013 Duo Astral Plane had a great time being presented on various Radio Shows including RADIO FFR with Fred Lühne and Radio Alex De-Airline with Bernd Schmeyer.
While Kevin was in England he appeared on the MIke Hart Country Show on FANTASY RADIO 97FM and had some new and old songs played on air.
In May 2013 Duo Astral Plane appeared on an afternoon Show called Michis Schlagerbistro hosted by MICHAEL GEISSER at 'RADAR RADIO DARMSTDT 103.4' near Manheim. They were interviewed and several songs were played. It was great to meet everyone there and a special thanks to LOTHAR SCHMITT for organising this and to ANTONIETTA MACHWIRTH for starting a Facebook fanpage. The following day MICHAEL GEISSSER played another Astral Plane original Song on his evening Show, CLICK HERE to listen.



In May 2013 Duo Astral Plane released the maxi single 'Life can be so wonderful' / 'Das Leben ist so wunderbar' which is available HERE or in most online stores including iTunes, Google Play and Musicload, or purchase and download from HERE from the website on the 'PURCHASE CD'S AND DIGITAL DOWNLOADS' page.

In March 2013 music from Duo Astral Plane was played by well known DJ Rick Foster on his easy listening Saturday morning Show on 937 THE WAVE, a Radio Station covering the Maine area  on the East coast of the USA.

'937 THE WAVE' Website - CLICK HERE

In August 2012 Duo Astral Plane played at the Dorffest in Saarbrücken-Klarenthal and appeared on the same bill as well known Schlager star Bata Illic (see photos).

                            DUO ASTRAL PLANE                                     BATA ILLIC and DUO ASTRAL PLANE

In July 2012 Duo Astral Plane appeared on The Mike Hart Country Show on FANTASY RADIO in the south west of England. CLICK HERE to listen to the show.


In April 2012 Duo Astral Plane appeared on 'Listen to the music' presented by moderator Bernd Schmeyer for Radio Alex De. During the show they were interviewed and many of their songs were played on air.  (see pics below)
A big thanks to Bernd for making us feel so welcome in his studio.


In Oct 2011 Astral Plane were voted number 1 in the Radio Alex De - Airline charts with their original song ' Dein ist mein Herz' They were presented with an award by radio moderator Bernd Schmeyer in Saarbrücken. (see pics below)

BERND SCHMEYER presenting the Radio Alex De listening award to DUO ASTRAL PLANE

Early in June 2011 Astral Plane made a cable TV apearance in a country music show recorded near Manheim. They played 2 of their original songs and one cover. The show went very well and new friends and music contacts were made. Thanks to everyone involved for making an unforgetable experience.

In May 2011 Astral Plane were voted number 1 in the 'COUNTRY SUPER 10 HIT PARADE' with their new song 'YOU GOTTA SING FOR ME'.  The country chart show was broadcast on MDR1 RADIO SACHSEN-ANHALT in Germany and other stations as well. Many thanks to everyone who voted for the song! 

At the beginning of  April 2011 Astral Plane will have their new country song 'YOU GOTTA SING FOR ME' featured in the 'country super 10' radio show on MDR 1 SACHSEN-ANHALT. This show will also be broadcast by several other radio stations in Germany on different days. Details of how to vote for our song will follow very soon! A new YouTube video featuring the song can be seen on this site on the PHOTOS / VIDEOS page.

Astral Plane will feature on German TV for the first time during the month of June. More details to follow in due course.

In March 2011 Astral Plane travelled to Skegness in the UK to play for the YPKO yamaha keyboard club for the third time.

 New for 2011! Original songs will be able to be purchased individually as MP3 digital downloads from this website. New songs will be added at regular intervals.

 In Jan 2010 Astral Plane had their original christmas song 'Liebe zur Weihnachtszeit' presented by the top Schlager station RADIO PALOMA in Berlin and they hope to visit the station in the Summer with a new CD album.

In September 2010 Astral Plane were featured on a local west country radio station in the UK called 'FANTASY RADIO' and several of their original songs were played.

On August 14th 2010 Astral Plane gained the number 1 position on TV 30's Deutsche talent hitparade with their original song ' Bis zu den Sternen' a song that they had presented previously on YouTube. Unknown to them a cover song had also been featured on the hitparade a few months before, that had made the number 2 position.

On the 5th August 2010 Astral Plane headed North in the UK to play a gig for the North Staff's organ and keyboard club in Stoke on Trent, a booking that had come about from a previous visit and concert in Blackpool.

At the end of July 2010 Astral Plane finished their first HD 'storyboard' video for YouTube featuring their original song 'Dein ist mein Herz'

On the 19th March 2010 Astral Plane played a set for a private keyboard club 'YPKO' meeting in Blackpool, England for the second year running.

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